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Past & Present Mascots

We are very animal friendly here at A & H Printers.  Some of these sweet, furry faces you may recognize, and some you haven't seen in a while because they have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  All of them have brought smiles to our customer's faces through the years.


Cleo was a customer favorite for years. She had her own fan club and all!  She loved showing off her plethora of toys to anyone who walked through the door.  


Our sweet Moxie...and biggest scaredy cat on the planet belongs to Mark.  She's a senior gal and not able to make it a full day at work anymore, so she is semi-retired.  Whenever Moxie is here she can be found quietly following anyone who is the most likely to give her food.  We don't know where she puts it all!


Don't let that fluffy, teddy bear face fool you!  This is a goat.  Oakley used to come to work every day with his mama Ashley, but he became too helpful in reaching things on mom's desk. Now this naughty, yet adorable floof monster only comes to work when he has to visit the groomer. Perhaps some day, when he has better manners, he can come to work with mom on a more regular basis. #cutebutpsycho


Elwood was a polydactyl that Stephanie rescued when he was left behind after a neighbor moved. Elwood was very comfortable living at the shop and was adored by many of our customers.  He was perhaps most famous for his lion cut. Sadly, he passed away after being with us for only 2 years, but while he lived here Stephanie ensured that he had the very best life possible.


Tinker belongs to our friend and handyman, Chris. She and Chris come to the shop every Monday and Friday morning for a quick visit and some treats (for Tinker, not Chris).


Coco (aka Bogie) has only been to the shop a couple of days when he was a tiny, lost kitten.  Rescuing him was a team effort, and he now lives with Spencer.  Now the wild thang is happy as can be tearing around his furever home.

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